Redrock Micro microRemote Wireless Follow Focus

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When your camera is on a jib, a gimbal, or a situation where physical contact with the camera lens is not possible, the Redrock Micro microRemote Wireless Bundle allows for smooth and accurate focus adjustment.

Included with this bundle are a Basestation which acts as the wireless receiver and power distributor for the motor, a digital Torque Motor, a Handheld Controller with hard stops on the handwheel, a Thumb Wheel Controller and two 24" flexCables for connecting the components.

"It's a smooth operator."

The Basestation is the center of the microRemote system. It wirelessly coordinates with the Hand Controller and calibrates the motors to the lenses. Power is also distributed through the Basestation. The Digital Torque Motor can drive photo or cinema lenses, while its small size keep it unobtrusive, and its light weight won't unbalance your rig. The motor will attach to 15mm rods and can be adjusted to fit the diameter of your lens.


  • Automatic lens calibration (with manual calibration option)
  • Left or right-handed operation
  • Powerful Redrock Torque motor works with both cinema and still lenses
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    Handwheel with adjustable hard stops
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    Handheld can be used in tethered or wireless modes
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    All digital system